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Some of it I can not help you with because you are in a different country than I am, and I do not know what the laws are in the UK or what is needed to become a business. In this country, some of it varies from state to state. Oregon is one of the most business friendly states, with no sales tax and a simple business registration process.

To buy product for re sale, you need to meet the qualifications set forth by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are vary lax and will sell to anybody that offers them money and others have much more stringent requirements, or have distributors which you can buy from. You will need a certain amount of monies set aside for inventory to meet the buying requirements of the manufacturer or distributor, or you can search out lesser known brands which are more desperate for sales and will allow you to buy in much smaller numbers or even do drop ships.

Glass gardens and I have different philosophies on business. I do not believe everyone on the internet only wants a good price. There is a lot more to it than that.

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