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I took dewalltheway's advice and hid some of the equipment. I am still having trouble hiding the powerhead, but I am planning on doing a diy inline reactor soon, so I am just going to be patient. I also got in some downoi from the S& this site! I moved the ludwigia repens to my betta's ten gallon and planted a few more stems of ludwigia arcuata. My moss wall is starting to finally grow in after I moved it behind the amazon sword. I am battling green spot algae. I think dosing fertilizers seems to help, since it is not as bad. Anyway, enough talking - the updated pictures (which are still over exposed with the flash off).

My cories keep digging up the downoi along with the marsilea minuta. Well, at least their having fun.

My amazon babies are growing, I am not sure how or when to remove them.

What do you all think of the changes?
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