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Ok nevermind, screw the checkboard cichlid idea. I've researched some more, and it says that they are VERY sensitive to changes in pH levels and water quality. And that they need well oxygenated water to thrive. Obviously this fish will be super hard to keep in a planted nano .

1) pH levels are always changing with the Co2 (after lights out)
2) I'm not sure the tank will be oxygenated enough for this fish (will dose Co2)
3) Uhh, it's just not colorful enough for me (I don't really like dull-colored fish)

So I have plenty of time to choose some fauna for this tank (until it cycles)

Monday I'm going to get a lot of "toys" at my LFS (Flora & Fish)
* Co2 Tablets - R$2,50 each
* Substrate Fertilizer - R$1,80 each
* Micro Pump (6cm) - R$23,00
* A small amount of HC - R$15,00
* Substrate - R$2,00

- Am selling my Goldies to my LFS (+R$5,00)
Don't want to, but I prefer to use my time with the planted nano
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