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Thanks Mike! I don't have a retail store though, not really. Local people can come in by appoitment, but I don't have a store. I am strictly a WEB based store. I have never done Ebay or Aquabid, except once in a while to get rid of some stuff, but I didn't build my business on online auctions like some of these guys have.

Doing this on the WEB is not easy. You have to either have a lot of money to start out, or start really small and build it up. I started small. I was successfull because I had a public reputation to build from. People knew me from the internet. Word of mouth. I had a reputation of helping newbies. I will say one thing plain and simple and I do not care who reads this: I never sold strictly on price. I never tried to be the cheapest guy on the net. I always tried to have reasonable and competitive prices, but never cutthroat. I always knew there would be someone out there cheaper than me. And you know what, that has never hurt me. It is real easy to sell by saying "I have the lowest price" Everybody wants to be Walmart. It is much more of a challenge to sell based on service, quality, and knowledge. It may be more difficult, but if you become successfull at it you will be around a lot longer than Crazy Eddie with his crazy Eddie deals. When you are selling dirt cheap and your business hits a slump, its all over. You are history. And guys that have that sort of reputation have a real hard time changing that repuation from being a Yugo dealer to a Cadallac dealer. You know what I mean? Which do you want to be?

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