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Arrow 1.5G: D-Simplicity the planted nano (Journal)

Hi, I'm new to this forum as well as keeping planted nanos. I would like to setup an iwagumish tank named D-Simplicty because of the scape and low-tech. So here are my plans:

Tank: rimless 1.5 gallon (looks like a pirate version of ADA )
Light: 15W bulb from a lamp (will upgrade soon)
Filter: a micro pump with some attached media (for biological bacteria)
Heater: no heater (will be a subtropical tank)
Substrate: small-sized gravel (almost looks like sand)
Note: I will be using those fertilizers that you place in the gravel from Azoo.
Fertilizer: will be dosing and utilizing one (don't know the brand)
Co2: co2 tablets once a week
Note: I don't want to many whistles and bells comin' out of my tank. I want it to look as sleek and sexy as possible.

Plants: HC, Java fern and some other plant to put in the back (what plant should I use?)
The HC will be placed in the front (duh) and the java and the other plant in the back corners to hide the pump.
Fish: 2-4x Gold White Cloud, 2x Oto's
1x Trichopisis Pumilus, 2x Oto's
(Would love to have some shrimp, but they're really hard to find here in São Paulo)

Any suggestions would help a lot.

Note: The Goldies are in there temporarily with the air pump.
But what is this plant's name (below)???

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