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Originally Posted by Wasserpest
No doubt they can be useful in certain conditions, but they are NOT required to keep a clear, algae free tank with healthy fish.

Regular water changes, sensible stocking of the tank, sufficient mechanical filtration, balanced plant nutrition, etc etc can get you there without sterilizing.

Likewise, a UV sterilizer will not be the cure for all algae.

Just wanted to make sure nobody gets the wrong ideas. It's a "nice to have".
I agree wholeheartedly.

I bought mine for 2 very specific reasons.

1.) I had a terrible greenwater outbreak that was not going away despite my best efforts, this was not my primary concern though

2.) I keep many fish that are extremely sensitive to external parasites... Many of my loaches are pretty expensive, and every fish store around me has a rather diverse selection of parasites infecting their tanks. Even under a strict QT routine I am always plagued by some random infection Ever since I added the UV, this has not been a problem.

My case is somewhat unique, and I feel my purchase was justified. The average aquariast however can probably do without.
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