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Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
If it doesn't bother you, don't worry about it. Personally I don't enjoy ANY visible equipment in an otherwise attractive aquascaped tank. And I mean not only for the photo shoot. The only technical thing visible in my tanks is the thermometer.
Trust me, we agree on this... I would prefer to not have anything in the tank, but I can live with it for now. I was psyched to get this going, so I made some choices. Plus I spent enough money--with other things going on too--that I simply didn't want to risk having to run out and buy a new tank. With my luck this one is tempered or something.... I would like to move up to a 75g or 90g, but atm that's not going to happen. However, since I realize now that I actually do have some decent understanding of all of this....the next tank will be drilled--one way or the other. I may even drill this one after this scape completes...who knows? I'm just going to make sure that I can run out and buy a replacement tank....

Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
Your photos are quite acceptable... for full tank shots I'd try to shoot from the center rather than angle/above.
Thanx! I'm happy with them overall....considering. But I can do better....I'm just not at that point yet...still got a learning curve. I think the main issue is me, not so much the camera. I've gotten some really nice shots of stuff with this camera.

Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
The white stuff remaining after scraping GSA is probably calcium something. Not sure what to do about it... scrape some more? That's the struggle with very hard water...
I hadn't thought about the calcium. Never dealt with this before, so I'm try to get it figured out. More scraping is about the only conclusion that I've come to also....not real happy about it....

Originally Posted by fishman9809 View Post
that is some sexy UG, how long did it take to grow that nicely?
Well, I set this tank up in 7/08, so ~4 months so far, but there's been a bit of a learning curve...both with the high light and with the UG, plus the spixi crosses. So, I am expecting (hoping) that the final fill in won't take much longer...

Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
Looks fantastic!

Where'd you get that calico BN? (Now you're going to tell me your LFS carries them all the time... )

I got them in the SNS here at PT back in july. Saganco apparently breeds them and has them for sale periodically. Here's the thread where I purchased:

Calico bristlenose (bushynose) plecos - shipping available

You may want to shoot her a PM.....I have absolutely nothing but Positive to say about buying from her. Everything was Great!

Some pix I meant to take the other night, but forgot. These are of the crypt roots:

Left (with the rocks):

Right (the lone crypt stand):

Got some more "Wonder Gro" tabs in yesterday. Added a bunch of 1/4's, so hopefully it will help flush a fill-in....
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