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Originally Posted by eyebeatbadgers View Post
Great looking setup man, fish and plants all look great! Looks to me like that UG doesn't mind living in hard water!!
Thanx, ebb! It seems to be doing ok these days, but, Yes, it is growing in hard water. I haven't ckeck the specs in a long time, but traditionally they are about Gh18, Kh 14, pH 8.0-8.1. But this UG is a funny little bird....

Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
That UG carpet is awesome. Looks like this plant likes to be blasted with light. Mine failed miserably...
Thanx, Wasser! I'm starting to get happy with it. Needs to fill in some more before I'll start being satisfied. It definitely likes light. Not sure how much of a requirement that is, but it will soak the light up if it's available. Honestly, I have no idea how UG does in lower light. I started it in a tub with ~8wpg of F + CF and high C02. It did the typical 2-3 week settle-in, and then started to grow, but it's somewhat strange. When it's happy it grows like a weed. But then it's not always happy. Personally, I think it likes a lot of nutrients. The stuff can be somewhat fragile, but on the other hand--it seems really tough too. Kinda hard to explain, but I don't watch all of my parameters worrying about the UG. The sponge pre-filter was not by my design....that's just a fluke of strands that found themselves a home. I've pulled a lot of "plugs" of UG from it and planted them in the substrate.

I know the spixi crosses did a number on it.....

After I get things further down the road, I plan to reduce the lighting (incrementally) in order to slow things down. But until then I'm going to keep pounding it with light!

Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
The shots of Crypts from above are nice too.
Thanx! Amazing to me that the better pix are down through ~18" of water then through the glass. But whatever works, huh? Overall, I think the pix would have come out better if I had not trimmed the crypts. I didn't do it for the was done ~10 days ago, but it would have helped things look much more mature.

Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
Now how about getting all that equipment out of the tank?
Equipment? What equipment? Not sure if you mean for everyday or for the pix. But either way, I had considered it. For everyday I would have had to drill the tank....and with my would have shattered or something. For the pix, I decided not to worry about it. These pix were just kind of an "update" on the tank. I don't have any intentions of ever entering it into any contests, so that's a moot point. But I would like to get some really nice shots once it finishes filling in. For that I will remove the equipment and clean things up "for the shoot" so-to-speak. First I have to spend more time learning how to use this frickin' camera. Great point and shoot--which is what those top-down shot were....but beyond that...I have a harder time. I understand the effects of apeture, shutter speed, etc.....just doesn't seem to work out. I'll keep trying though....
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