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Ok, Ok, tough crowd…tough crowd!

Let’s see…..we’ll call this 50 years after the Genesis…….

I’ve got 3 more types of plants on the way….still looking for a 4th: Lobelia cardinalis—small form, so if ya got any….Please let me know. (found it. )

The short version is: This tank is a high light experiment for me. I was running around telling everyone how to run their high light tanks, yet had not walked a mile in those shoes. What I had learned was academic, not from experience. So, it was time for me to put up….or shut up. Plus I’ve been busy with many other things….

There’s 3.9 wpg of T5HO lighting….sitting on the rim of this tank. No light hangers, no legs…it’s sitting on the tank rim pounding light into the aquarium =

0.5hr @ 108w >9hrs @ 216w >0.5hr @ 108w. 10hrs total photoperiod. (12-30-08)

C02 comes on 2hrs before the lights come on and goes off 30mins before the lights go off.

Short term issues..initially..with string/thread/hair algae…not sure which, but got rid of it and hasn’t been back. Long term issue with GSA, but I think that I’ve got that about sorted out….we’ll see.

Slow start for the reasons listed in the first post. The crypts look kind of raggedy, but I trimmed a lot of the older leaves that had small spots of GSA and/or were deformed and/or showing white streaks/areas. They looked much “fuller” prior to a trim, of course, but this is an experiment/learning curve. Even some of the leaves remaining still have issues. I have a Ca/Mg issue with this water. Adding extra Mg has normally taken care of it. But these plants are sucking up a lot of nutrients, so I’ve been having a few issues trying to find the overall “Balance” of this tank (hence the GSA). I’m getting there. And I consider this tank and its progress a success at this point.

Spent ~4hrs last night trying to get some decent pix…..and that’s all I got. Nothing Good, Great, etc….just decent. WW! How these folks get some of those shots—I’ll never know….

So, on with the show…..

The tank:

For those of you wondering if UG is difficult:

That’s the foam pre-filter to the Magnum 350 that I am using as a C02 reactor.

Here’s the bulk of the powerhouse—xP3 intake/output, heater, powerhead #1 for auto-drain cycle, powerhead #2 for C02 mist, Maxi-jet powerhead for flow. In addition to this is the intake/output of the Magnum 350 toward the other side of the tank….flow is better than good:

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