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looks verry nice, I know i need to start a thread and im working on it. Its going to be a diy thread. The thing is im building some acrylic tanks some opent top frameless glass tanks and the monster 240 gallon plywood glass tank. When these projects are all done i will have an all in one thread.

To answer your questions the reason I used the sweetwater epoxy paint is because when I started this project I diddnt know about west systems epoxy so I used fiberglass resign and cloth that I bought by the gallon at the auto parts store. It worked great but then I was worried about the resign poisning my plants and fish so I put 3 nice thick coats of the sweetwater epoxy over the fiberglass resign so all together the fiberglass resign is about 6 mm thick with another 4 mm of epoxy paint over that, guarenteed not to leak and verry strong
when you apply your epoxy if you buy it by the gallon I suggest only mixing up 1/3 at a time so its not setting up on you before you use it up it does stink so I opened the garage door turned on the exaust fan and used 3 other fans to blow the fumes away as I painted and I also suggest buying cheap brushes and dont try reusing them and wear rubber gloves.
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