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Mars 2212…..(Major 56K Warning!)

100 Years after the Genesis.....

Just a Teaser video:


1—Magnum 350 C02 Reactor
2—Pearling/C02 infested crypt.
And Tiger Barbs
3—UG and Tiger Barbs

Tank re-setup—7-08

48” Catalina T5HO 4 x 54w = 2x 6,700K + 2x 10,000K….1.5hrs @108w + 6.5hrs @ 216W = 8hrs total
Black Flourite + Black Flourite Sand
XP3 + sponges, floss and purigen
Pressurized C02 dual outlet = Magnum 350 reactor + powerhead mist
Auto-dosing (daily)
Auto-water change (daily)
Eheim 3581 Auto Fish Feeder

Plants (currently):

Crypt ‘Green Gecko”

Plants soon to be added:

Anubias nana 'petite' (-added)
Poaceae Sp. 'Purple Bamboo' (-added)
Red Tiger Lotus (-added)
Lobelia cardinalis-small form (-added)


Rainbow Shark-1
Tiger Barbs- ~22
Columbian Tetras-8
Red-eyed tetras- ~8
Serpae Tetras- ~8
Black Molly-male-1
BN Plecos-2
Chinese Algae eaters-2

1 long-term algae problem = GSA, but I think I’ve just about got it sorted out. I can keep it away for 10 days to 2 weeks, maybe a little longer….then it starts coming back.

The crypts went through a melt when the tank was set up. I did a quick cycle which was hard on both the crypts and the UG. I lost a lot of UG by adding some spixi snails that were apparently crosses and not pure spixi’s. The UG is finally starting to fill in completely. Another month or 2 and every square inch of available space should be covered with a thick mat of UG. UG really loves the “Wonder Gro” tabs.

Also a minor on-going battle with Ca/Mg. The water is hard, so adding extra MG has always helped. Things are not bad, but I would like to get them a bit more sorted out….

Here’s another teaser shot from just before the Genesis:

I’ll post some real pix once the UG finishes filling in and I get things cleaned up a bit….

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