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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by chuukus View Post
I am building a plywood glass tank right now its 80% done. I purchased 1/2 starfire glass for my veiwing window dimensions of tank are 97 1/2" by 24" by 24" 240 gallons I believe. The glass is 95" by 23 1/2" the glass is 95" by 23 1/2" the glass cost me $320.00 with beveled polished edges. I used fiberglass resign and cloth to seal it then I painted it with sweetwater epoxy paint from aquatic eco systems one gallon came to $110.00 that including shipping. If you would like to see pics so u can get some ideas just let me know. gotta love DIY
Sweet, I'd love to see pictures, why don't you start a thread for your project? I am sure there are many that would like to see that. Thanks for sharing your materials and prices, I'll get into these details very soon.

Did you use the West System epoxy? Why do you use Sweetwater epoxy paint, as an additional seal for the epoxy? How did you deal with the fumes?

Originally Posted by clwatkins10 View Post
Very cool. An awesome project indeed
Thanks for your kind words! I'll agree with you if it holds water...
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