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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by youareafever View Post
plywood tanks are awesome! my friend has a 500 gallon plywood tank and the thing is huge!
That's one nice thing about plywood tanks, they can be easily scaled up. Plus you can make them to fit perfectly into any nook/cranny.

Originally Posted by youareafever View Post
one concern that comes up is the glass, do you think the 55 gallon glass panels are enough to hold the extra weight?......also if ur 55 gallon was a standard 55 shouldn't all the panels be tempered?

w/ those dimensions i get a minimum thickness of 0.31" @ safety factor 2 for non-tempered and .10" @ safety factor 2 for tempered glass.
It's about 50/50, some 55gal tanks come with tempered sides, others (like mine) have only the bottom panel tempered.

To be honest, I haven't given much thought to whether the panels are thick enough. I figure additional depth of the tank does not add a lot of weight (and I am probably wrong about that), and the height and length of the glass panel won't change. Instead of small silicone seams, the whole panel will rest against a (hopefully square) plywood frame, which IMO should not add much or any stress.

Originally Posted by tusk View Post
I forgot the size of my piece of glass, but it was atleast $200 for the hunk with polished edges. Not cheap.

Keep the pics a comming
Your glass was a bit larger and probably thicker. One nice option is to use low iron (Starphire etc) glass for improved clarity. Not cheap though.

I have some more pictures lined up, stay tuned.
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