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Originally Posted by STAT 007
Originally Posted by GulfCoastAquarian
I'll tell you this much, AHSupply's Miro-4 does NOT reflect 99.4% of emitted light into the tank!

UGH!!! What a rook! Kim, you're busted!

Just kidding. It kinda bothers me that this claim of theirs is false, but I've been SUPER happy with the products and service I've received from AH Supply so I'll let this one slide.
Well I amend my statement, I double checked and it is Miro-4 that has the 99% reflectivity claim, not ahsupply. Kim, you're all good! It is the material that is 99% reflective, which does play a huge role in the quality of a reflector. If the aluminum flashing you buy to make your own reflector does only reflect 86% as AHsupply indicated (seems plausible) then even with optimized reflection angles, you still might not be as efficient as if you used enhanced polished aluminum.

I'm not looking to beat AHSupply's performance, only match it for a lower price. Something I could make for $5 (for a 10" by 10 foot roll) and have a decent reflector on all of my tanks.

But I repeat - AHSupply's reflector is excellent. Their claim is not false, as far as I know.

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