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I just got an Amano shrimp, and I think I'm in love. The little bugger started gorging itself from the time it got released and just kept going. I have not been able to get the ingredients for PMDD, so I have resorted to my old habits, ie Miracle-gro. This of course means Algae. In the past, I used Simazine and it worked very well. I even got my Lace plants to flower and got little lacelets. OTOH, certain plants are killed by it. if anyone has a definitive simazine death list it would be appreciated.
So this time I am trying the natural method, which means shrimp. I enjoyed watching it as it delicately cleaned my ceratophylum. Would also like to use a pleco spp, but understand some will turn on certain of your plants as well. Any suggestions in this dept appreciated as well.

btw i have 4x 40 watt "full spectrum" = 2.9 w/g 12hr/d

a pinky nail sized pinch of mg goes a long way!

====> Any chemists out there?

When perusing fertilizers, one sees a legend such as 15-30-15 as in MG representing percent NPK, followed by trace element %..... .15%Fe
I am thinking of switching to the MGacid formula, 30-10-10, + .325% Fe, and supplimenting w/ KCl ie a starting point

Q Has anyone figured out the percent NPK & trace of the PMDD formula?

ie 20-2-20 etc



125 gal; walmart-K/L covered in PlaySand;
Rena Filstar XP3
6x85watt HO flu. 4.08 Watts/gallon
3x 6500K + 3x 5000k 8hrs/day
HP CO2 ~50 bub/min into Rena canister
My Tap H2O = 0% NO3; 2 Gh; 6.8 pH; 0.3 ppm Fe
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