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Thanks for the nice comments on my 75g. While I hated to tear it down, part of the fun will be adding new plants and watching it grow back in. I have a bunch of beautiful plants ordered so it'll be a lot of fun to see how they all do in my tank.

No problem on helping out. That's how I learned! I remember the days so well. I was so nervous about what to do, I had to have people hold my hand when I did simple things like plug in the CO2 regulator! If it wasn't for the help of everyone on here, I could not have the tank I have now. Even the scape design came from another member here who actually took the time to draw it out for me.

Just wait for the day when all of this stuff not only makes sense, but you can help someone else who's just starting out. It's actually a lot of fun to help others!

Zoo is right on target with the EI help. That's how I got started. Orlando at helped me by telling me exactly which ferts to get. I got them and then just followed the dosing schedule in the link Zoo offered. That's it! It's really that simple. This is how we all get started. No cheating. Just passing on the help we received.

Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed. It is overwhelming at first! Just take things one step at a time, and before long, you'll have it all together.

I do have one critique for your tank right now. Take it or leave it as everyone's tank is and should be pleasing to them and no one else (although we all generally enjoy each other's tanks). I would like to suggest that you remove the rock for now and move the driftwood over to the left at an angle. Measure your front glass, and put the center of the focal point 1/3 of the way from the left. So it's:

1/3 ---> driftwood <------ 2/3

That is the "golden" spot that is found to be most pleasing to the eye. It's also helps make things more natural by avoiding the feeling of having cut the tank in half.

Then, I suggest not placing the wood straight with the front glass, but at an angle. I think it would look nice to have the left side a little more forward than the right side. It doesn't have to be a big angle, but enough to break up the feeling of it being overly straight with the tank.

Then put the rock on the left side to counter balance the driftwood. If you add more rocks, make a nice grouping that starts off tallest on the right side and then gradually gets smaller as it travels to the left and front. However, be sure to keep the rocks from overtaking the focal point of the driftwood.

I hope that makes some kind of sense. And keep in mind that this is YOUR tank so whatever you do, it must please YOUR eye, not mine. This is just a suggestion for you to consider. There are other ways of creating a focal point without moving the wood.

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