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Originally Posted by fastfreddie View Post
Also, do you know a link that shows a SIMPLE explanation of what falls under micro and macro? Is there a spreadsheet template somewhere that gives dosing examples for different sized tanks? And one that aquarists can use to record their dosing schedule or is everyone doing this on their own? I'm wearing out the scroller on my mouse tonight and I'm a little overwhelmed on the whole ferts thing. No rush on an answer. It sounds like you are quite busy from your posts!
Micro - nutrients that are used up daily by plants such as copper, boron, calcium, etc. in small amounts.

Macro - Your basic NPK (nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium) fertilization.

If you have dry ferts, here's a link explaining how much to dose and how often. Dry ferts last longer than liquid and they cost less in the long run. You can buy them here or here.

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