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Originally Posted by skabooya View Post
looking very nice. I love the scape. River themes are nice
Thanks for the encouragement. Checking out your tanks right now.

Originally Posted by ZooTycoonMaster View Post
What happened to your 24 gal?

EDIT: Nvm, found it

Have any plans as to what you want this tank to look like?
Yeah, the 24 took the back burner. It's really hard to lay out a cube, and the jbj nano cube really posed some problems with the way the filtration is. It's just not very versatile, I hate the lid, and the thing almost overflows when you stick an arm in.

I got some good suggestions here (like my hyperlink? hehe )for some plants that may suit my skill level. What do you think? I really like HM for ground. I was successful with it for about 2 years before I knew anything about planted tanks. The real determining factor will be whether I go pressurized by Christmas.

As far as fish, I want a lot more harlequin rasboras, and I've always thought Rams were really cool.

How is your tank coming? Ill check in on ya.

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