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Just an update for my own notes as well as for anyone who's interested. Went to a LFS I usually hit up when it's convenient and decided to take a look at the rocks they had. They had a wonderful selection of petrified wood as well as other types of rocks for reasonable prices. From a quick glance, it seemed the most expensive rocks were $3/lb.

I'll definitely be stopping in there if I'm disappointed by the landscaping/nurseries that I'm gonna hit up first.

Also saw this huge tank. Don't konw the exact size but it was 38" DEEP... and probably at least 5' long. It was awesome. I wish I had the room for it. But, I digress.

Anyway, that's the small update for now. I should be getting my work bonus within the next few weeks, so hopefully after that I can figure out my finances and determine when I can start purchasing equipment for this new setup!

For now, if anybody has any ideas on the pumps I described in my first post, please share. I'd like to automate the dosing and topping off, but I want to do it right. However, I don't want to go the most expensive route either. Thanks!

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