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Originally Posted by customdrumfinishes View Post
tank looks great. always wanted to build one but cost to much for me.if your worried about it blowing out or leakin i would fill it to the top with water for sure if you already havent, cant tell in pic. i understand your extra caulk on bottom since they say most failures are in the bottom on any tank ada or walmmart brand.
id leave it up for a few days and if your really worried put your hand in it and slosh the water around. i would think thats more pressure than it will ever get sitting on a stand anyway.
Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I plan to do...wait about 5 days to see how it does. Did not think about sloshing the water but may be in the last day of testing. However in order to stress test one side that has most air bubbles in a side seem I induced a slight tilt on that side to increase the pressure on that side.

As for the bottom seem I'll trim only one side (which will be the front side) to give it a cleaner look. Other sides will be hidden by substrate.

And yes, tank is full to the brim right now.

As for building your own tank, a similar sized ADA cube garden (60-H, 45-C etc.) can cost 200-250+tax+shipping. My tank costs about 150, so it is definitely worth the try (according to me).
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