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If you attempt this task, don't put the pea sized gravel back in. Stick with a smaller gravel that the plants can root into. A few pounds of pea sized gravel, just for a more natural, variegted look is ok, but make sure the majority of the substrate is finer gravel. Kitty litter is excellent because it's cheap. Stick with non fragrance, no additive plain crushed clay kitty litter. Should be less than $10 for a 25 lb bag. Mix with some natural colored gravel and you've got a great start.

Keep also in mind that you need to keep your filture cultured with bacteria since you'll be loosing the millions of bacteria in the gravel. Put the old water in a rubbermaid container and then hang the filter on its side, running. It will keep the bacteria ready to run the tank when you pour the water back in the tank. It might be cloudy for a few days, but don't worry.

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