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Originally Posted by dewalltheway View Post
You are on the right track! You remind me of myself at the beginning of this year starting my 55 gallon. If you read alot of threads on here and ask alot of questions, you will learn alot in a short period of time. the one suggestion I would make is to get some ferts to sart dosing with. Your plants will need the micros & macros or they will soon start to get holes in the leaves and look ratty. Look at the sticky I believe under water parameters about dosing. very helpful!

Nice start! Also, Welcome to PT
Thank you for the nice words of encouragement. That explains the hole starting in the tip of one the amazon sword leaves. Thanks for the information on the fertilizers. I need to determine whether or not to use Flourish products or do the dry dosing. I am a little intimidated about overdosing, so I was thinking I should start out with the Flourish line. What do you suggest?
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