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Suga Shack - 55 gallon - Where is my algae hiding? :( (56K)

Hello everyone! First of all, let me tell you how great it was to find this forum. You each have personally inspired me to try my hand at a planted tank. I know I am making plenty of mistakes, but I am learning a lot from this site.

I used to be all about plastic until I stumbled onto this site.

Then I decided to try Java Moss. However, I didn't know it was all dead until I started looking on this site a few months ago! What's sad is the LFS sold it to me like this. After nearly giving up with embarrassment, I decided to try again.

I am now trying a new method. I started buying still live plants (elsewhere) using Flourite substrate, Excel, DIY Co2 and 130 watts of light. These are my results.

Any suggestions? Thanks for all the inspiration!

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