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Hey, @marko. You're right. The tank is dark; much more than the twenty-eight watts would indicate.
The reason is not the camera, though. (I can blame a lot of things on my crappy camera, but not that.)
It's two things.
First, the light is a single 28W bulb. In my opinion, it's better to light a tank with two thirteen watt bulbs than a single twenty-eighter; the spread and proximity to the water can be more precisely placed. (It's why I'm in love with the Ott-light fixtures for nano tanks.)
Second, the driftwood on the left leans forward, casting a shadow over itself. This is unfortunate as much of the cool-looking Mini Pellia is growing on front of it.
That said, I'm hoping this less-than-what-it-should-be brightness will work to my advantage in terms of algae. Afterall, the plants I have in there are all low to medium light plants.
Oh, and there's a third reason. The water's still cloudy. It's better than on Friday, but it's still not crystal clear.

Here's the best I could do in terms of evening out the light spread with the Archaea.
I had to move the light fairly far right. I might get another lamp on there for photography purposes, but for the eleven hours this thing gets light, the Archaea will be it.

As this light uses the same bulb as the ADA Solar Mini, I really don't think that the Solar Mini is worth it's price.
While the fixture looks nice, the spread of the bulb does not in any way justify the two hundred plus dollar price tag.

cl, caught that, did ya? Right after I posted, I decided to move the pressurized CO2 onto Source. Riven gets the dee eye why for now. (Hey, does anyone know if there's something to for the ADA CO2 system to split the line so as to pump CO2 into both tanks at the same time from the same canister? Lemme know if you do.)
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