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My Ebb and Flow Emersed Setup

4/16/2011 - Go to here to see latest setup - Click Me

Original thread
I had a lot of extra plants around that were just taking up to much space, so i decided I would do another emersed setup.

I had acquired an old beat up 75 gallon aquarium a while back that had just been sitting around collecting dust. The thing is really shot and i wouldn't trust it filled with water. Glass is scratched, seams are just flat out nasty, so this looked like the best candidate to house my new setup.

I did a lot of research about types of emersed/hydroponic setups and since I had a lot of extra equipment laying I figured I would try an Ebb and Flow setup.

I utilized window box planters, four in total, which fit exactly inside a 75 gallon. Three are planted and one is empty right now. Still deciding on what I want to put in there.

I filled each with substrate, some old eco I had laying around and one with schultz.

I braced each of the four planters off the floor of the tank using 3" PVC pipes that I cut down. This is so the planters are not submersed and it would create a small sump of water underneath the planters. This also allows each of the planters to drain out.

I used a quiet one pump for the main water feed up to a small riser that distributes the water out to the four planters. I have it set on a timer to run for two minutes each hour. This is just enough time to submerse the substrate. Also on the timer is an Exo terra fogger that gives the tank a bit more humidity. (i also have a heater in the water to keep the tank water temp up to about 80 degrees. This also helps keep the humidity in the tank high.)

For lighting I had my old 48" PC fixture. I run two of the 65 watt 10,000K bulbs for about 15 hours a day.

I dosed the water column up to about 10-10-10 (give or take). I throw a shot of ferts in from time to time for the heck of it. I mist the plants about once every two weeks.

This is what the final product looks like... Tell me what you think!!

Its been running for a few months now. Love it. Simple and algae free!

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