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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by Jesse
I know I can add baking soda to increase the kH and therefore balance the pH, but is there any known way(s) to regulate the CO2 using yeast?

How many CO2 bubbles per minute is suitable for a 10 gal setup?
You don't really add baking soda to balance the pH. If your kH is very low, you increase the buffer capacity of the water to avoid pH crashes, which happen when kH is close to zero.

There are many way to regulate DIY CO2. If the pH dropped from 7.6 to 6.6 you must have a very efficient setup!

You can regulate it by
  • adjusting the size of the bottle (2l vs 3l)
  • number of bottles
  • how much you fill them up
  • how much yeast you add initially
  • temperature of the area
  • way of dissolving CO2
  • if using powered reactor, you can turn it off during nights
  • surface agitation
  • how tight tank is sealed
... Just to name a few. Of course you can't really control it like pressurized CO2 with a monitor and a solenoid.

Therefore, the question of how many bubbles is difficult to answer. You need to monitor the bubble rate to get a feel for how much pH drops with how many bubbles/min in your particular tank.

Originally Posted by Jesse
Fish are sensitive to pH, but are they affected by the relation between CO2 and kH assuming the resulting pH is constant?
If you assume the pH is constant, then CO2 and kH would be constant as well. It's more realistic to consider kH a constant, and changes in CO2 (injection) affecting the pH (dropping). Fish are both affected by pH and CO2 fluctuations, which are related.
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