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So after sanding…

I have never stained anything. This is the very first one! So I was kind of nervous about it. Especially since I read that birch plywood is a pain to stain… well I guess it is. I bought some pre-stain wood conditioner, and stain, the color is gunstock. I had some extra plywood I sanded it the same (150 then 180) as the stand and tried the stain out.

Haha it was funny. The first two pieces got the same finish plus conditioner plus one layer stain… and they are all different:

So I grabbed two other pieces, and without sanding I put some conditioner then stain, on the fourth one I skipped the conditioner and used the stain right away…

I have no idea why I got the results I got, I didn’t see the difference so I guess I just wanted to look professional with the sample

I cleaned the stand, first with a vacuum cleaner.

Then I wiped it with an old damp T-shirt.

You can see there was a lot of dust on it after vacuuming.

Then I applied the conditioner, waited 5 minutes, wiped it then stained the top first - this is the one side that’s going to be the most invisible.

I recognized that the nail holes and the wood filler is really ugly,

so I tried to sand the ones on the side a little bit more…
It got a little bit better, but not perfect..

ohh well, next time less holes, less wood filler…

Then I stained the rest of the stand.

I just love the color. Unfortunately the camera does not reflect the original color and of course it is not the final stage, but I just love this gunstock stain.

Then we made a little (2in) hole to the back for the wires:
(The inspector said it is OK to do so... )

And installed the timer and an other search protector.

Now that is it guys.

Today, after work I sanded the whole thing with a 320 sandpaper, it got really smooth. I love it. Then I stained it again, but didn’t take any pictures. Tomorrow I’ll sand it with a 600 paper and do the final staining. Why/ because I enjoy staining And the darker the color get the more I love it.

Later this week we’ll thy to do the doors or… it has to wait until the weekend.

Any comment appreciated.
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