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Originally Posted by DiscusIt'sWhats4DinneR View Post
i dont know who came up with this jello thing but i dont see where it would benefit anything. that reminds me, i hate jello. i never liked eating it. ever.

sugar and yeast cause fermentation. gelatin is just not a part of that equation. it has no place in there.

if you want to mix up some variation on the thing experiment with champagne or brewers yeast and add a bit more sugar to the mix. then see what happens. it is possible that much more sugar would not be soluble in that amount of water but i do not know any specifics, that is for you to try out, and experiment with larger containers, gallon jugs and such.

stick to the basics and leave the jello shots for the little girls.
Originally Posted by ingg View Post
The gelatin controls access to the sugar. The yeast must eat and liquify the gelatin to get to more sugar.

I've done both ways, it does last longer in gelatin, and does have lower output - but more steady output, too. No starting like gangbusters and petering out steadily over a week, it goes steady for a couple weeks instead.

Yep. I've seen someone supplying CO2 to their 75g with 4x3L bottles, each replaced in a staggered pattern with a Jell-O(TM) mix...consistent results, quite a bit of production, also, actually, but then again, it was 4x3L bottles.
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