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Really really nice, amanda.
Very similar to what I'm aiming at in my 30g, w/ 10W less and many of the same plants.
I've got a patch of sag pretty much center front, and it hasn't given me any problems. Seems to be getting more dense, rather than sending out runners. Will keep my eye out, tho.
For all of you who express your preference for the after photo - well, of course. But that gives rise to the question of how often you trim? How long do you let your plants go before trimming them? Hmm. I think I'll post this as a seperate thread over in the general forum.
Again, amanda - really nice looking tank.

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30gal - 55W AH, ecco 2232, flourite/gravel, DIY CO2 w/ Hagen ladder

3gal - endlers/cherry shrimp
4W cf, Red Sea deco nano, flourite
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