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Glosso Turning White?

I'm having a bit of a problem in my tank. A few leaves on my glosso have literally turned white. They aren't really translucent, they appear to be white, or atleast very very pale. I can't tell if it's new growth, old growth. I suspect some type of deficiency but the glosso was grown emersed too so it could be adapting I guess.

I have 130 watts of PC over a 29 gallon. Pressurized CO2 - bubble checker shows a consistent green. I've been following EI to a tee except I've been a bit lax on traces and iron. Water is fairly hard - 8 GH/KH I believe last time I measured. I suspect it could be an iron deficiency but I'm not entirely sure. I'm going to up trace dosing a bit via CSM+B, and maybe start adding additional Iron in the form of Seachem Iron and see what happens. Any other suggestions or causes to this?

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