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Dosing amount and schedule ok? Plant ID as well

Hi, long time lurker haven't particularly posted though. Anyway, I'm currently running what I would call a moderately planted 20 gallon high tank and wanted to know if the current dosing schedule seems ok or if I should perhaps bump it up or lower it. Any advice would be great.

Also if I could possibly get a plant ID if anyone has any idea what this is it would be great, the plant itself smells minty or somewhat minty if that is any help at all.

Here is the dosing amount and pictures of the plant needing ID'd, thank you in advance.

Current plant load:
2 Full grown Java Fern
6 Java fern plantlets (plucked and planted)
2 Anacharis stems (was a bunch, but pulled 4 out)
6 Pennywort stems (bunch)
5 Unknown stems (plant that needs ID'd)

I am doing Co2 injection via Red Sea Turbo Co2

Current Dosing Schedule:

plant needing ID:

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