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If it isnt bad then I wouldnt worry too much about it...

More times then not the algae will go away by itself over time with just good tank habits.
A couple things you can do to help it along is to first take the time to "physically remove" the worst spots by scraping any large patches or "tufts" and clipping away as many of the algae infected leaves of your plants that you can. After you do this, do an immediate water change to try and rid the tank of any of the floating algae from the scraping. Then clean your filters (whatever you use) a few hours later because it will now have accumulated any floating algae that the water change might have missed. This will give you a good jump on the population.
Now cut back on your "lighting period".
Plants only need 12 hours maximum to complete the photosyn process and after that time the only thing that benifits is the algae ! Myself I only go 11 hours and thats it... maybe you are leaving the lights on too long... dunno.
Supplying CO2 to a tank is another way to rid yourself of algae but it isnt for everyone... (cost , time(DIY) etc. )
I keep my CO2 at 30ppm most all the time and the algae has gone completely... at times I miss having it... now I have to "feed" my shrimps and otto's ! :evil:

Remember though that algae is as much a part of nature as is the plants and fish themselves... its only our search for aquatic perfection and ego's that makes this stuff the enemy... :lol: :lol:

Buck 8)

Oh yeh and by the way lanstar...Ya had me laughin hard on this one ! :lol: :lol:

Buck, I think you're off the mark just a bit. It only took me a half million Amanos
Aint it the truth...
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