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The ghost shrimp have been in there for a couple of months. of the 6 I bought I think 4 are still alive. One seems to die whenever one gets cloudy, which I can only assume means when its ready to shed. I never find whole dead shrimp, just parts of them. I hear that immediately after shedding the carapace of the shrimp is softer than normal. I suppose either the gourami or one of the zebra loaches know this and take him out. As far as copper usage, I use Nutrafin PlantGro which has some copper. I use about half the recommended dosage once a week. The black algae seems to only be on one part of the tank, on the back middle. I havn't been able to go out and get any tests lately with school and all, but I'll try to get to the fish store sometime in the next week or so.
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