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hahaha well thanks, i appreciate that, it's a lot of luck i think! Everything I grow in my 20g is grown in less than 1wpg! I do plan on getting more light for this tank as soon as I can though because the ends are quite dark. For the moment though, the right side of the tank gets some supplemental sunlight (very indirectly) from the window it's next to, and the left side is getting light from the spiral CF in a desk lamp I set up for the Betta QT tank so we'll see what happens! So far the Wisteria behind the large rock has already grown, the moss actually already seems to be branching out slightly, and the cabomba, anubias, "filligree frill" and crypt species are looking good, not melting yet, and a bit of root growth from the stems. Sow we'll see what happens!

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