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Yeah i'm totally in love with the bamboo shrimp, he's really interesting to watch, i love it!!! And he's so cute too! I'm actually rather in love with all of the fish in the tank as well. The cories are adorable and so full of life, they zoom all over the tank, SO much more active in the 30g than in their ~3g QT tank! And I love the sparkling gourami, I'm so glad he's out and about more. He's a gorgeous little critter, i haven't gotten a picture that does him justice yet, i'll keep trying! Thanks for the compliments!

*edit* I'd be careful with, lauraleellbp didn't have much luck with the corydoras hastatus she ordered from them, they sent her habrosus not hastatus and they all died within 24h i think (she wrote about it in her 90g journal) so I'd be careful with them. She got more Otos than she ordered and most of them were healthy though so i guess that place is a toss up. But yeah it took me a while to find these guys, found them labeled as Hastatus at one of my LPS that i don't usually go to because it's a bit farther away. I discovered they were actually Corydoras pygmaeus, but I was happy either way, they're still teeny tiny cories! heehee

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