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Yeah, I'm liking the idea of getting both kinds I think.

Well my bamboo shrimp continues to wander about the aquarium doing his thing. I've got some fry food that i mix with water and squirt into the filter outflow to make sure there's enough food for him in the tank since it's rather new, but he seems to like going around picking things out of the moss and things too.

The gourami was out and about this morning while I was getting ready to go to work, so it looks like s/he'd getting a little bolder which is good! I hoping the addition of schoolers will help bring the little guy (or girl) out even more!

Haven't added anything else to the tank yet, but hte Wisteria has already grown about an inch, it's in a would-be dark corner of the tank, but it gets some sun coming in from the window next to the tank. All the plants so far look happy and healthy, and the baby crypts seem to be growing. The larger crypts haven't melted yet, but have actually perked up nicely. I was expecting meltage in the new environment, but haven't seen it yet. Hopefully they'll continue to adjust without melting.

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