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Well there was some miscommunication and I only got 1 Sparkling Gourami, but it sounds like they're peaceful enough that being in a heavily planted tank I should be ok adding more later. If it becomes a problem I'll put them in the 5.5g, but from what I've researched, they'll flare at each other but don't attack the way most other labyrinth fish do.

I also got me a bamboo shrimp! The guy at the store picked me out the prettiest one Within 5 minutes of going in the tank, he was still sitting on the underside of a branch of driftwood, but he had his fans out sifting the water for food :-D

They were hiding a little but the bamboo shrimp cooperated for a least better than the sparkler :-P Enjoy!

Bamboo shrimp:

Gourami (not the greatest pictures, had to use the flash, but better than nothing ):

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