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I updated the first post with all the tank parameters.

I need help with stocking options. Here's what I am thinking:

- Pygmy cories (already in there)
- Sparkling gouramies (2? 3? how do these do in groups?)
- Ember Tetras (~15?)
- Phoenix rasboras (boraras merah)
Chili rasboras (boraras brigittae)
- few otos
- 1-2 Bamboo shrimp

Thoughts on the stocking?

Will the 2 rasbora speices school together? If so I'm thinking like 7-8 of each, if not then 15 of one of them

How will the bamboo shrimp do with that stocking? I know they require a bit of special care, I researched them quite a bit before but didn't have a good place for them to hang out near a current in my 20g, but I have a nice piece of driftwood right near the filter outflow in this tank so i'm thinking it could work. Will they push my bioload over the limit though?

Any and all input, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. will be appreciated! Thanks!!!

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