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Well, whatever the plants are that I think might be crypt lutea have been living in this tank and flourishing, but I definitely am going to need more light (despite the fact that everything grows like weeds in my 20g with a measly .75wpg :-P) But I bought a glass canopy to switch out the hood for to get more ambient light in the tank, but mizu-chan i think I'm going to take a page out of your book and do some clip-on lights with CF bulbs until I can afford a bigger strip-light. The one that came with it is only 24" long and the bulb doesn't even span the whole length so the edges of the tank are definitely in shadow.....I did find some nice wood and stones in my friends yard though.

I promise updates with pictures after I eat dinner and as I go with the 'scaping If my friend hasn't dropped my camera back off by the time dinner is over, i'll snap the first few shots with my cell phone :-P

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