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30g low tech Journal: LLLLOOOONNNNNG overdue update, with PICS!

Well....i planned on making this a step by step journal, but when I went to pull out my camera i found the camera case emptied which was when I remembered my friend borrowed it. So I'll have to get that tomorrow and start there. That means this is a picture-less first post...but I'll update tomorrow of course

This tank was previously owned by my friend's mom but she didn't want it any more, wanted to simplify her life slightly and had trouble keeping fish alive. She knows i'm very into the hobby so she asked if I wanted it. I said YES!!! So now I have me a new (to me) 30g tank. She cleaned it all out and everything for me. And she gave me her TONS of some kind of crypt (gotta look it up).


Equipment etc.:
30g Tank (36"L x 16"H x 12"W)
36" Strip Light
36" T8 bulb
50/50 Eco-complete + Black aquarium gravel substrate
AquaClear HOB filter
Powerhead driven sponge filter

Moslty a variety of
Cryptocoryne species
Java Fern species

Guppies, lots of them
4 Otos
6 Beckford's pencilfish
10 Espei rasboras
1 CPD (maybe...haven't seen him in a while)
1 ancient black neon tetra
4 amano shrimp (2 ancient ones, 2 new ones)

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