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Originally Posted by clwatkins10 View Post
Beautiful cards and tank!

Whoa I got ninja'd on my own thread! LOL!


I don't like driftwood. Never have. I try and do without it if at all possible. I know that's a veritable sin on here. But I likes what I likes! And I don't likes driftwood.

The rocks are Obsidian that I collected myself at Mono Lake, CA. There is a whole mountain ( a WHOLE mountain - well actually the leftover core of a volcano) of it there just east of the lake. Ever see an Obsidian wall 50 feet high?!? Now that is cool! Everytime I head up the 395 I grab a trunk load. I use it in all my tanks.

I like to keep things simple.... Over the years I've learned to trim and replant in the proper fashion in an effort to bring out the best of each plant. I routinley toss pounds of plants every week from this tank. It's a shame but somebody's gotta do it. All my other tanks are full up so I just toss the clippings. I'd like to offer stuff on the site here but I don't have anything that is special. Just easy to grow plants that anybody should be able to grow (profusely). And beside I don't want to recreate what I have in this tank.... so each of my tanks I try and keep different as much as possible.

Right now I'm trying to speed up the L. Glandulosa as much as possible. It fell behind when I ran out of KNO3. But it's rebounding fine. It should be back to it's old glory in about 3 weeks.

Foreground plants are a freakin' pain! I went from Glosso to HC to Glosso to just letting the Blyxa grow for a while then back to Glosso. I got the Glosso tweaked in now and can grow it at will. I think I'll stay with that for a while.
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