NEW DATE - New York Swap Meet and LFS Tour - Saturday August 3, 1pm - The Planted Tank Forum
View Poll Results: When and where do you want the swap meet to happen?
Saturday, July 20, Park 2 14.29%
Saturday, July 20, Whole Foods 3 21.43%
Saturday, July 27, Park 0 0%
Saturday, July 27, Whole Foods 8 57.14%
I really can't make Saturday, please consider a Sunday. (Do not select anything but this!) 1 7.14%
Voters: 14. You may not vote on this poll

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NEW DATE - New York Swap Meet and LFS Tour - Saturday August 3, 1pm

As per the results of the poll, the swap meet is August 3 at 1pm.


We are meeting upstairs at Whole Foods, located at 95 East Houston street. Here is a map of the walking tour:

Swap Thread House Rules:

1. Use only one post to indicate items to swap and WTT. Feel free to update it as necessary. Feel free to introduce yourself as well.
2. Be clear and concise when contacting members about swaps.
3. Feel free to repost what you have to trade/swap 3 - 4 days before the date.
4. Voting on both the theme and the date will close on 7/10.
5. Update your post when an item becomes unavailable.

Helpful Hints

1. Keep the spirit of the event in mind, swap whenever possible.
2. Do not bring unclaimed livestock, unless you are willing to give it to an LFS at the end of the tour. Also be mindful of the weather.
3. There are arrangements for a rain location and that will be indicated if necessary.
4. Newbies especially, don't be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions!
5. If you cannot make the meet but have trades outstanding, inform your partner and make alternate arrangements or cancel.

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Pogo Gayi
Rotala Gia Lai
Althanaria reckii (few)
Ludwigia plaustris (few)
p kawagoneum (few)

all plants should be dipped if you wish to avoid hitchiking ramshorns, mts and algae spores


Deep Blue Solar Flare (
this this
) - $15

Seachem trace - full bottle - $5
Seachem iron - full bottle - $5

Seachem phos and iron - less than 1/4 bottle (just take it)

Pfertz liquidation - ($8) 1/2 bottle nitrogen, 1/4 bottle phos, 2 empty bottles for potassium and trace/iron

Looking for (swap or buy):

Rili shrimp
high grade Fire reds


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July swap

Have fun all! I'm going to pass on the event.

"I am Groot", the faithful protector

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I will have for trade if the swap is on the 20th....stuff are free unless otherwise stated.

Equipment & stuff
x 10 gallon hood with 2sockets. >gone
x 10in Planting tweezers $2.50 > gone
x 1 small LED clamp lamp (low light) $5 >ryu1
- 4.5lbs stoney creek white sand (very white....)
x Milo >aznrice
- medium marina breeder box. box is used, tubing is brand new... $5
- small marina breeder box, has a nasty looking crack in it . but does not leak( had it hold some plants for a few weeks). should be reenforced with some Aq silicone if you intend it for long term usage.
- Kordon Fine mist airstone (new)


x 1 stem hygro balsamica (grown submersed) >gone
- 1 stem hygro odoras

Emmersed ( all gone )
x Staurogyne repens
x Staurogyne "low grow"
Ludwigia red
x Bacopa sp. Japan >ryu1
x Limnophilla vietnam
x 1x1" HC
x glosso
x p. helferi aka. downoi (1 tiny plantlet)
x java fern trident >gone
x 1x1" Utricularia graminifolia >gone

(-) available (x) taken

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Place holder for now. I should have a list of stuff available in the coming weeks. Mostly crypts and other assorted plants.

Adding stuff as I find it:

Blyxa japonica
Ludwigia "Atlantis"
Ludwigia arcuata
Amazon Frogbit
Giant duckweed
Emersed hydrocotyle tripartita
Dwarf sag
Hygrophila 'araguaia'
Emersed crypts of various species
W/e other stems I want to get rid of

2-year old sarracenia seedlings (with pots and media)

RAOK Club #77|The Fraternity of Dirt #112

Cryptocoryne farmer

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I have...
Salvinia minima
Frogbit *big type*
dwarf sag
Mixed mosses. Flame, peacock, and others
3 male cherries 1 nice red rili. It has a clear midsection and everything else is red
noob friendly plants that are pretty hardy.
fake plants and polished gravel/rocks

looking for....
weeping moss I wanna give this a try.
Shrimp foods
Pygmy cories.
4 leaf clover aquatic

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July 20

Things I have to Trade/sell:

48in T5 HO 3 bulbs system with moonlights
80-90lbs flourite back sand
Dwarf Sag
Red melon sword
Willow Hygro
JBJ Bubble counter
15lbs of Flourite (open but never used)
6ft of co2 tubing
24-30in Current plus LED (only trade for 30in Ray 2 or 30in fugeray)

Looking for:
30in ray 2
30in fugeray
Nano 250 water pump
Dwarf Hiargrass

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Up for trade:

8~ glass catfish. I think I have 2 different species here, since some are huge some are smaller. $20
2 brass tetra $3
2 blue tetra $4
1 micro rasbora (maculatus i think..that or naevus) $1
1 glowlight tetra $2
2 cardinal tetra $3
1 pink glofish and zebra danio $2
23874902347239 kribensis fry $1
Bunch of blue bettas $2
2 goldfish (em)

azolla (albert)
red root floater (dan, derek, kitty)
antler fern

Big cup of mixed java moss (algae warning, you need to dip) 1 betta cup full..mixed with subwassertang, something else, duckweed, etc $7

48" USED T8 strip light $10 or trade
Microworm culture
Vinegar Eel culture
baby brine shrimp sample






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What I have:

Some guppy/endlers. Can post pictures later

Giant baby tears (MU)
Dwarf sag (most likely)
Some food samples --will update

Nikon Pimp #41
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NEW DATE - New York Swap Meet and LFS Tour - Saturday August 3, 1pm

Edit- just bought the plants on my wish list, thanks!

20 Gallon High Community Tank Journal, Started 4/30/13.
Low-Med Light Plants, Neon, January and Rummynose Tetra, Red Betta, Red Bristlenose Plecos. Sat+ Club

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Ok, I can actually make it on August 3rd!

I've been working on several little projects, so I've used up pretty much everything I have.

Up for grabs:
2 black mangrove seedlings

Hoping to get:
Comets from Viva
Moss from aznrice for magazine

Also looking for:
Crab or shrimp food

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Send a message via AIM to cprash
Note: There are less than 24 hours left to vote on the date.

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Hey guys, can't make the new date. next time!

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Originally Posted by chibikaie View Post
Work is being mean and I can't make it now!
Aw, and I have tons of duckweed too.

Does anyone want a ton of ramshorns for their puffer? I have not yet committed to going to this meet but I could drop by briefly.

"Heee-eerree fishy fishy fish!" -ernie
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I'll know sometime around the middle of next week if I can make this or not. I might actually have plants to trim by then though too, so that will be interesting.

My 75 gallon High Tech Tank:
My 10 gallon High Tech Tank:
My 5.5 gallon nano College Dorm Tank:
Mom's Spec V:
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