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Does anyone actually have species only tanks?

Odd question to pose right? Well it just seems that most of my tanks start off as one thing then evolve into something quite different having all eventually look like jungle tanks with stems, plants, mosses, driftwood and what not. They all eventually start looking about the same... though i cant really say that's a signature look i'm after.

What i am conscious of is ensuring the same plants are not in more than 1 tank. This helps limit the amount of any particular plant species while openning my tanks up to more types.

I'm away at the moment, but will post photos tonight on my two shrimp tanks. I have two tanks for two separate endler strains which will be kept unique indefinitely but even these are shared by my shrimp...

Would like to see if anyone else has successfully kept tanks just for shrimp.

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I have a tank for these goldfish and a tank for these betta fry, does that count LOL

I had a theme going on with that 20L... small blue eyed fish(norman lampeyes, blue eyed kilis, spotted blue eyes), tiny fish, yellow/black striped fish (assassin snails, clown pleco, bumblebee goby, clown kilis), looked very cohesive when it started.
Now its uh, a messy jungle sorority of bettas. I dunno man.
With plants, I have a habit of 'I have to put it in EVERY tank because what if they all die in one tank? What if they do better in another?' ..and its kinda true...some plants have died off in one tank and I was lucky to have put it in another to grow out
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I have a neocaridina only tank and an endler only tank.
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I keep a few tanks that are essentially one species of plant with a few extra fillers. One is a 29g with java fern mounted on driftwood with a few stems of persicaria and hygrophila to fill in a bit. It has three apistos in it.
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Does anyone actually have species only tanks?

My mini-m will be species only besides amanos and ottos as a clean up crew. I'm thinking boraras urophthalmoides or chili rasboras. Not sure yet.
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I have tank with only shrimp and 1 oto and snails and some mini pellia. LOL

What do you mean by success?

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!
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I'm with Flo - it's all too likely that I will be the cause of a plant's untimely demise, so I try to make sure each plant I get hits at least two tanks.

I am kind of spatially challenged, so there is also quite a bit of "oops I wanted to put all the X into this corner, but now I'm out of room - what now?" going on.
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My nano only houses chili rasbora and 4 pygmy cories...and shrimp...guess that doesn't count..
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I v(^o^)v shrimp
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My golden white cloud minnow tank with dwarf hair grass turned into other plants, least killi fish, neon tetras, oto's, and golden loaches, oh, and fire red cull shrimp, so it started that way but didn't stay.

My Platy val only tank now other plants, khulli loach and oto's and probably some fire red shrimp culls too. Started as platy/val but isn't anymore.

My high grade CRS tank now has yellow shrimp in it.

My low painted fire red tank now has CRS/CBS/Golden cull/low grades in it.

So yes initially, but no now. lol. Part in due to I'm going to buying a new house and moving in the next 6 months so wanted to cut some of my tanks down so went from 8 to 4, just to make it easier to move when the time comes. When I move, I plan on a nice custom tank rack system with shrimp and fish breeding.

20g platy, , 2 x 10g shrimp, 3 x 20g shrimp, 7.5g shrimp and 1 great dane/mastiff puppy.

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My Tanks and my shrimps
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I have a 10 gallon and its only for crs shrimps and it's doing well. Started with 15 and now I'm probably over 100.

I tried putting in some phoenix rasboras in there to limit the amount of tanks I have but I saw a difference. The shrimp's color faded and wasn't as active with the rasboras in there. They hid for most of the two days before taking them out.
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species tanks are my favorite. I almost do species tanks exclusively, or true biotope type tanks where fish are only housed with conspecifics. The difference in their behavior is amazing.
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I'd do mono species if I had more tanks or was trying to be fancy and breed things.

Then again....I want a monster tank (like....1000's of gallons monster tank) that's just 6+ albino pacu......because a school of giant white tetras would be pretty darn epic lol

My 75 gallon High Tech Tank:
My 10 gallon High Tech Tank:
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Re: Does anyone actually have species only tanks?

I have a beta sorority and a dwarf puffers' correctional facility. Both betas and DP leave Black Mollys alone but everything else just seem to 'disappear' from their tanks.

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