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Thanks a lot for the compliments guys. I'm glad you'll liked it. If you have any suggestions for the background/stems for my low-tech setup do let me know. I just finished moving my tank to my new place. It was quite a bit of work but was made easier by this contraption I made a few weeks ago:

I drained out 80% of the water in the tank and got all the betta girls out. The 3 otos were left in there. It worked quite well for the purposes of moving and made life a lot easier for me. I'll keep this thread updated.

Female bettas can be kept together (called a sorority tank) although it requires some care and effort to ensure a working sorority. The girls can be aggressive towards each other but having plenty of cover in the tank for them to hide in along with enough numbers (atleast 6-8) helps things remain peaceful. I would refer you to this informative thread on keeping sorority tanks:

Male bettas on the other hand are extremely aggressive and should never be kept together. Males are aggreassive to both other males and females.
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