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I don't have access to a camera right now but here is the best update I can do.

~About a month and a half ago I added a pair of paradise fish. They have spawned at least once and seem to be doing really well. They are also great at controlling mosquito populations.

~ I water lettuce covers most of the surface of the tub now. This has helped keep the temperature under control when we have days into the 90's.

~The dwarf little is putting up many pads and I am getting a few apongeton leaves to the surface also.

~The calla lily is still making a come back but has not flowered.

~I added some creeping jenny to the pot with the calla lily and it has grown into the water. My original play was to have it grow over the edges but it likes water far too much for this.

~The rotala hasn't been growing very well for me. I have a lot of issues with floaters and slimy/stringy algae growing on it.

~I have one stem of Alternanthera reineckii that has made its way through the surface and is growing well.

~The star grass did not fair will for me and was melted away within a month or so.

~I added a few cork screw vals to the mix just to see how they would do.

One thing I think I need to do is to drain out most of the water and move the tub so it doesn't get nearly as much light. If I do this I think I can get rid of many of the floaters and grow more submersed plant life.
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