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Here's a shot of my tank just now.

There's a picture above from roughly the same angle that was taken a couple of days ago. I'm pretty happy with the growth. (Actually, I just looked at the picture and they look pretty much the same. You have to trust me, there has been growth. Really!

The HC is kinda sorta getting itself going, but it's no match for the super-charged Glosso. (The stuff's growing crazy-quick!) The Four-Leaf Clover's holding it's own. Every day I have to cut back the Glosso, though.

Yesterday, I upped the CO2 to two canisters in an effort to get the HC kick-started. Apparently it worked, because after a day, the HC has spread quite a bit from the day prior.

I'm starting to see algae on some of the leaves. I'll hold back on feeding the plants tomorrow and do a 50% water change tonight after lights out.

I've started moving the filter from corner to corner depending on the day so as to ensure that all corners get adequate flow. Eventually, I might put another Red Sea Nano-Filter on the opposite side. (I noticed algae on the glass in "dead spots" that got inadequate flow.)

For a moment, I thought I had the start of hair algae. When I pulled it out, however, I found that it was hair. Hair from my Golden Retriever, Zooey. Zoo, you should know, adores fish. He'll stare at my tanks for hours. As a matter of fact, he's why I got into fish tanks in the first place. I saw how much he liked them and got one for my place. Now I think he'd rather I walk him than spend so much time growing plants in water.

This is Zooey. 0 WPG, no substrate, no ferts, no CO2; just food, water, walks, fetches, hugs, pets, and love.
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