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ZooTycoonMaster, very healthy looking plants!
I really dig the color and taller-than-Glosso height of FLC. Years back, I saw a Glosso carpet sprinkled with Four-Leaf Clover and it looked stunning. I'm trying to achieve that here. It's already sent out several runners per sprig of stuff I planted a week and a half ago but...
...Glosso is most certainly the fastest grower in this tank. I've already had to trim, replant, and even toss some.
As my experience with HC is limited to this tank and a brief foray in an experimental 2 gallon, I'm not certain if it's growth is slow or consistent with other people's experience.
Yeah, I'm actually quite happy that I did the substrate as deep as I did. Some of the Glosso I replanted yesterday had roots over an inch long. Glosso loves to dig deep in Aqua Soil, apparently!
BTW, the shrimp you "resuced" from this tank are all doing very well in my ten gallon breeder tank. They give you their thanks!

clwatkins10, Yeah, it's a really cool little plant. I'd never heard of it until I saw it at Aqua Forest here in San Francisco. Initially, I was skeptical and though I paid four dollar more than the "petite" for a "petite" that was nutrient starved and then labeled "micro", but I'm pretty sure this thing's legit. It's leaves are smaller than my pinky fingernail whereas a "petite's" leaves are closer in size to my ring finger fingernail.

Yesterday from Ocean Aquarium, I picked up some more shrimp. In the bag was a small clipping of a cool-looking moss that Justin, the store's owner, had been arranging in one of his tanks before he bagged my shrimp. I have no idea what kind it is, but I've planted it in a crevice of one of the rocks. Hopefully, soon enough it'll grow large enough for you guys to help me identify.
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