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I completely let this tank go which is not a good idea for such a small tank with no ferts, no CO2, no excel, but very bright lighting. Anyone want to guess what I'm growing now?

Hair algae has completely taken over the entire tank. I saw it coming, but was so busy with my 75g that I didn't stop it. So it's taken over very badly.

I had already removed all the fish in the tank so I decided to try the H2O2 method of getting rid of the algae.

Yesterday, I did a 95% water change, removed the fine floss from the filter, and then added 5ml of H202. I let it sit with the filter running for 35 minutes. I've been keeping the lights off on that tank so when I took a look, sure enough, everything had bubbles on it. I then did a 50% water change and have kept the light off.

It hasn't been even 24 hours yet so it's hard to tell what's going to happen. Some of the algae looks like it's become floppy (laying down on the plants rather than sticking up), but there are other areas where it's still sticking up like before. So we'll see.

I took a few pictures of the algae yesterday before doing the treatment. I'll try to get them posted today, if I can.

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