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Thanks for the comments and suggestions, guys!

mizu-chan, thanks, it's good to be back. Feels like home.
I didn't even notice how much the Glosso grew in until I looked at the photos. It seems when you stare at your own tank day after day for what seems like hour after hour, it doesn't seem to grow at all. Then you look at a photo and you're like, "Damn, I guess they weren't plastic!"

FrostyNYC, thanks! I've taken your advice and put the diffuser behind the fern. I've done one better and replaced it with a highly-sophisticated, ADA-inspired prototype not yet available in the US market: a broken-off chopstick. While glass diffusers are awesomely awesome, in a nano tank, they do tend to stick out. I wish I could find one the size of a thimble. Or what'd be even better is if someone made a glass chopstick!
As for the Glosso, Four-Leaf, and HC carpet plants, yeah, you're right. I'm going to let them compete and see who looks best. I'm hoping that they will play nice together and create a wonderful metaphor of color, texture, shape, and size for the world to see and learn from: it's the mixing and blending of all the differences that makes the world such a beautiful place!
But I'll probably end up yanking the HC and Four-Leaf as the Glosso is, metaphorically, like American pop culture -- it spreads everywhere.
If I can find Ranunculus Inundatus locally, I'm totally going to try it. You've got a good eye. I would have never picked it, but once you mentioned it, I thought, "Ah ha! That's the part that's missing!"

jgilvey, thanks! The name is a cool, if I may say so myself. It was that or Glass Container with Water and Live Inhabitants. Riven rolled off the tongue easer, though, so I picked it.
And thanks for the compliment on the post. I did spend quite a bit of time writing it. It's nice to hear that you appreciated it. It' amazing how much we can write about things so small, isn't it?

Again, thanks for the replies, guys!
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