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I would not use ANY sand without a mix ...

It has "0" nutrients for the plants and would compact tightly over time. I have one tank with "playsand over flourite" and the Tahitan Moon Sand is even finer then that !
I am now using the moon sand over Eco-Complete Planted Substrate ( almost black itself) and it looks great.

Using sand in a tank is fairly new to me and I gotta tell ya...
It makes for a very "clean" tank and the cory's love it. Just another one of those things I wish I discovered years ago ! :lol: :lol:

I really believe that a lot of algae blooms these days are coming from "substrate ferts" getting into the water column... when only flourite base is used there are gaps for fert's to escape...especially during maintenance.
I have zero algae in my tank and never any GW blooms and the water is always crystal clear...
Call me crazy but I think the sand is helping me do this... :roll:

Yup.... he's crazy ! :lol:
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